About Reto Gallati

Reto R. GallatiGallati is the President and CIO of Raetia Investments, LLC. Prior to owning his own firm, Gallati was the head of investments and chief risk officer at Nuveen Investments. In addition, Gallati has held senior positions at several Wall Street firms, including deputy chief risk officer at Putnam Investments and deputy CIO and senior portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs Bank in Zurich.

Gallati has taught at prestigious universities including MIT and the University of Chicago and has authored numerous investment publications. His most recent book Investment Discipline: Making Errors Is OK, Repeating Errors Is Not OK provides best practices in investing, and shows readers how to develop an investment plan based on thoughtful objectives and sticking to it for the long haul, a philosophy that Gallati has developed based on his 30 years in the investment industry.

Gallati earned his Ph.D. in mathematics and finance from the University of Zurich. He graduated from University of St. Gallen where he majored in finance and economics. He resides with his wife in Chicago.

Gallati is available for interviews and to provide comment on the fiscal cliff. To request a review copy his book, or to arrange an interview, contact Megan Troppito at megan@wilkspr.com or 708-434-5006.

"Outstanding investment professional. One of the few I have encountered who are able to transition between quantitative and fundamental, both with respect to risk and alpha."