About Raetia

Coat of ArmsWhat is Raetia?

Raetia was a province of the Roman Empire, named after the Rhaetian (Raeti or Rhaeti) people.

Gallati has a long family history in the Raetia providence, which is now comprised by eastern and central Switzerland (containing the Upper Rhine and Lake Constance), southern Bavaria and the Upper Swabia, Vorarlberg, the greater part of Tirol, and part of Lombardy. Little is known of the origin or history of the Raetians, who appear in the records as one of the most powerful and warlike of the Alpine tribes.

At the beginning of the 10th century, Raetia lost its unique cultural identity as it fell apart with the decline of the Roman Empire. During medieval times, it broke into smaller provinces, which were absorbed by Helvetia (Switzerland), Swabia (now Germany) and other surrounding states.

Gallati is a historic family from Switzerland. The first official entry in the family records dates back to Johann Jakob Gallati, a priest at Berschis in Switzerland, in 1249. The Gallati family is deeply rooted in the Swiss mountains (what was formerly the Raetia providence), serving their own country as provincial governors for many generations and running the war campaigns of foreign kings.

What is the Crest?

It is the family crest of Gallati, and the logo for Raetia Investments, Inc. The crest is composed of three parts; the three hills represent the landowner, the antlers of the Capricorn represent the mountains and the helmet represents the knighthood.

The family coat of arms of the family is displayed in Versailles outside Paris, in the castle of Sargans and at several churches and libraries across Europe, reflecting their work and service in public functions.

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